Howe Springs Fire Rescue was chartered in 1970 and covers around 190 square miles of Florence County with seven stations and a little more than twenty apparatus. We currently have over seventy members on the roster and we are proud to have the leadership team that we do. Station 5 is our new headquarters station and where you will find most of our admin staff. We are proud to serve our community whenever duty may call!

Phone No: 843-669-4196

Fax No: 843-669-1557

Station 1: 2229 E. Howe Springs Rd., Florence, SC 29505
Station 2: 3706 Lebanon Rd., Effingham, SC 29541
Station 3: 3403 Olanta Hwy., Timmonsville, SC 29161
Station 4: 6128 Old River Rd., Florence, SC 29505
Station 5: 4395 S. Irby St., Florence, SC 29505
Station 6: 5143 Meadow Prong Rd., Florence, SC 29541
Station 7: 4930 Planar Rd. Effingham, SC 29541

Headquarters Station

Physical and Mailing Address

4395 S. Irby St.

Florence, SC 29505

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