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Welcome to the William Earl Liner Station 1

Today was a great day at Howe Springs Fire Rescue. With the help of family and friends, new and former members, we dedicated Station 1 in honor of Mr. Earl Liner. We are excited that we were finally able to hold the ceremony after having to delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Earl was joined by his family as we reminisced about our beginning in 1970. Reminding everyone of the sacrifice and effort put forth by the founding members to make Howe Springs what it is today. Several former members shared touching stories of working with Mr. Earl and the difference he made in their lives. There was laughter and tears as each story brought up specific memories that made the good 'ole days what they are. With the thought of the many lives Mr. Earl influenced through the Junior Explorer post, where so many young people were introduced to what being a firefighter is all about.

When Mr. Earl spoke to the crowd, his humility showed through as he spoke strongly about the fact that he didn't do it all by himself. He gave credit to the other founding members, the former members, and the current members that work to keep Howe Springs Fire Rescue what is today. While that is true, it takes many people to build a fire department, Mr. Earl was a leader and made sure Howe Springs was a success.

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