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Firefighter of the Month: August 2020

Congratulations to Senior Firefighter Ted Sieban for being selected as Firefighter of the Month for August 2020! This is his second time being selected for Firefighter of the Month and is well deserved. Ted has been with us now for three years and has grown tremendously in knowledge and responsibility within Howe Springs. He is driven to succeed and he works hard to bring those around him, with him.

Sieban has worked to obtain an array of certifications such as Southeastern Extrication School, Farm Extrication, Aerial Ops, and Pump Ops 2. With his latest achievement being awarded the rank of Senior Firefighter. As a Senior Firefighter, he works with other members and help them accomplish their goals. When asked about it, Ted said, "I am enjoying every opportunity to assist with training". Having most recently led a department wide, Thursday night training on several fire ground tactics.

Senior Firefighter Sieban is a member of Station 1 and in his off time can be found working out at the station. He is also a member of our Technical Rescue Team and the Chair of our Ladder Truck Committee. We greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication Senior Firefighter Ted Sieban exemplifies. Thank you and we look forward to many more years of service to Howe Springs and our citizens.

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