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Firefighter of the Month: January 2021

Congratulations to Captain Zack Berg on being selected as Firefighter of the Month for January 2021! Captain Berg is a valuable asset to Howe Springs and definitely has a passion for the fire service. At the young age of 12, with the help of his parents, Zack found Howe Springs online. He sent an email asking how he could become a member. Being told he was too young to join didn't stop him from spending time at the department, with supervision from other members, and learning everything he could. His passion for the fire service grew from their and Zack is now the Station 6 Captain, and recently elected President of the department making him a member of the Board of Directors. He continues to work hard not only to improve himself, but to improve Howe Springs and that is why Captain Berg is our Firefighter of the Month. Captain Berg credits a majority of his success in the fire service to Chief Dillon who responded to his email, which led to where he is today, and the late Tweet Brady who was an example of what is means to be a "Salty Dog".

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